A new bathroom really does give the house a face lift, but installing it yourself is a big task. Usually, a plumber or builder will be called on site to install your new fittings for you, but with a bit of technical knowledge and guidance you might be able to do it yourself.

One plumber said, “The key to doing it yourself is being prepared and having all the right tools. Many people do not have the right tools for the job so they might want to borrow or hire them beforehand as there is nothing worse than starting a job and then leaving it half way through because you don’t have the equipment. II recently helped a couple who were installing a new bathroom and kitchen in their home. The matki showers range from roca bathrooms that they had chosen offered a simple, modern look to their new bathroom and with a little guidance they were able to fit most of the parts themselves.”

Budget is also important when deciding to install your own bathroom. Usually, a bathroom installed by yourself will save money but you must be prepared for all situations and should have a safety pot of money should you need to dig into it, either if an unforeseen problem arises or if you need to call a plumber in last minute. This can be both costly and a time constraint so you should be prepared for this when trying o install a bathroom yourself.

Another key point is timing. The bathroom way well be out of use for a few days whilst you fit it so you need to ensure that if you have a family, they stay away for a few days or have alternative arrangements for when the bathroom is needed. A kind neighbour would be a bonus! The bathroom is often such a key and practical room in the home that living without one is a massive constraint on the average family. This is why planning and scheduling is vital to the success of your DIY bathroom plans and having a few friends to help out is also a good idea.